State of the art lentiviral vector manufacturing – Tailored Genes

Dr Chetan (Chet) Tailor is the Founder and Director of Tailored Genes. He has over 20 years of experience in molecular biology, cell culture and generating retrovirus/lentivirus vectors. Dr. Tailor obtained his Ph.D in the field of Virology from the University of London UK in 1995, under the supervision of Prof. Robin A. Weiss and Prof. Mary K. Collins, two of the top Scientists in the field of retroviruses/lentiviruses and gene therapy. He then spent 5 years (1996-2001) as a post-doctoral Fellow at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, USA under the supervision of Prof. David Kabat. Dr Tailor next established his own research laboratory at The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute, Toronto, Canada from 2001-2012. From 2012-2014, Dr Tailor was Scientific Director of the Vector Core Facility at the University Health Network, Toronto, Canada generating custom-made lentivirus vectors for Canadian and US customers before finding Tailored Genes.