Stable Cell Lines – Tailored Genes

Stable Cell Lines

Tailored Genes use lentiviral vectors to generate stable cell lines. We transfer your gene into a lentiviral vector, then transduce your cell line. Tailored Genes will also sort for high expressing cells. With selection or sort, we can generate a genetically homogenous stable cell line where the gene is continuously expressed or where gene expression is induced (using inducible system).  Stable cell lines expressing specified genes are essential for use in recombinant protein and antibody production, functional characterization of genes, and drug screening studies.

In the figure shown below, we generated a custom SLC6A14-GFP LV vector for one of our projects and transduced colonic organoids, derived from wild type C57BL/6N mice, with the SLC6A14 LV vector. Expression was clearly detected in transduced cells as observed by green fluorescence