What are the titers of virus vector received? – Tailored Genes

Lentivirus (LV) vectors

We provide functional titers ie number of infectious units (IU) per mL which are more relevant than genomic copy/mL or total virus particles/mL. We provide 1 mL of LV vector with titers of 108 IU/mL based on most transgene plasmids. Virus titers are dependent on the size and nature of the transgene expression construct. The infectious titer of each viral preparation is determined by Q-PCR or by flow cytometry if fluorescent gene is expressed and titers are reported in the Certificate of Analysis sent with each shipment

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors
We provide AAV vector with titers ranging from 1×1012 – 1×1013 genomic copy/mL. Titers are determined by Q-PCR and is based on genomic copies in vector particles. Where vectors have fluorescent marker, we can also determine titers as infectious units/mL.